Finding the best taxi service in Galle was an incredible experience with Less Taxi. The communication was excellent. Less Taxi offered us the best price and we were well-taken care of from the beginning to the end.

A customer

That’s what we hear always. According to our reviews on TripAdvisor all of our customers are quite happy!

Taxi rates in Galle are very different each other. You wouldn’t know if you are getting the best rate or the best service. Less Taxi covers you! Less Taxi, searches for the best taxi deal in Galle. A shortlisted pool of excelled driver-partners with a large range of comfortable vehicles.

Best Taxi Service in Galle on TripAdvisor

We offer the best rates, that is very affordable by the best driver-partners in Galle. Less Taxi is listed as the #1 in Galle on TripAdvisor in Taxi/Transportation.


Less Taxi is offering cheap taxis in Galle. But excellent quality!

According to our customers, Less Taxi rates are 20% below the market price in Galle.

Why Less Taxi in Galle is Cheaper than many other taxi companies?

Less Taxi does not own/rent any vehicle. Less Taxi has no driver-partners as employees! We run on zero inventory and lean operational costs. But we work hard! We work so hard, and smarter to find the best taxi deal from its shortlisted best taxi drivers in Galle. Less Taxi asks for the best prices that our driver partners can afford. Less Taxi gets an outstanding number of inquiries for taxis in Galle every day. So Less Taxi can match two-way trips to the same driver-partner. Less Taxi is reducing the empty returning taxis from Galle. Less Taxi helps driver-partners to reduce their operational costs. It makes driver-partners to afford even lower prices without reducing their earnings.

The taxi from Galle to Colombo,

Galle to Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport is the most common route from Galle.

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